An even larger draw back is that some of them still have an IDE drive interface mainly the XP branded ones and that the battery life isn’t as good as newer laptops. Could be software related problem. I have checked the device manager and both devices are running properly…I have uninstalled them and reinstalled them through the device manager…. Remove the faulty drive and take a look at the sticker. All you need is the motherboard, CPU with heat sink, memory and external monitor. None of the buttons will work.

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Hi, I have an acer aspireit has a bluetooth switch on the front which is not connected to a bluetooth device, i.

What do you mean you cannot set the time clock? Another quirky thing is that it only becomes a fault once the machine has been off and disconnected from any power AC or battery for approx. I have seen diagrams to seperate sheets acer aspire 5100 clean the display.

They did quote me for a new mobo. Does it change color at all when you turn caer the laptop you might test it in a dark room?

Acer Aspire 5100

Hard to imagine what could cause this except some sort of windows-based virus. I have on a few occassions re-seated the hard drive, re-seated the RAM and cannot work it aspiree. Instead of moving the laptop, try applying some pressure on different parts of the acer aspire 5100 cover keyboard bezel, palm rest, etc… Will it freeze the laptop? Test the laptop with each module in different slots separately. Acer aspire 5100 asked about this and she said it was not connected when dropped.

First of all thanks for the site. Guess what… another bad charger.

Purchase an external USB enclosure for notebook hard drives. Looking to go to 4GB if thats possible?

Acer Aspire 5100 Repair

You are stuck with what acer aspire 5100 have. I doubt that cleaner will help. Try reinstalling it from the recovery disc. Thanks again in advance.

Is it the motherboard or something else?? The Inverter, or the screen itself? Now I am happy again.

Acer Aspire Specs – CNET

Usually acer aspire 5100 can see this message when the laptop is trying to boot from network. You cannot aspirw without removing the motherboard. I am trying to buy a new hard drive and having trouble what will this laptop fit. Carefully spread latches on both sides of the memory slot until the module pops up acer aspire 5100 a 30 degree angle.

Before I completely strip it down I wcer wondering if this was something you may have come across before or whether you may have an idea as to what acer aspire 5100 going on. Not sure what my next step should be. All you need is the motherboard, CPU with heat sink, memory and external monitor.

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I cannot re-start it unless I remove the power cord and battery, and then replace them. Had to order a new installation disc of Vista Home Basic, which, is what it came with from the retailer. The keyboard is connected to the motherboard via a flat ribbon cable. The touchpad on my new-to-me Acer Acer aspire 5100 stopped acer aspire 5100, except right at the desktop for a couple of seconds at bot.

Bought my son a laptop, Acer Wlmi. I am not sure it this is relevant.