This dialog box appears. Video Polling Rotates through the selected channels. Indicates the date, time, remaining disk space and the total Status Panel number of online channels versus available channels. Start typing in the “Make” box to find your camera. Page 74 Hardware Accessories Overview Figure All cameras models have different features such as number of TV lines resolution which enhance sharpness with higher number of lines, Lux number — lower the number, better the light sensitivity at dusk and dawn.

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Geovision DVR Cards

One distinct feature of GV and GV Cards is their geovision gv 1480 of hardware compression, providing you with higher system performance and DVD recording quality.

To change the inputs to different kind of contact, push the switch upward wet contact or downward dry contact. BNC-Type only provides four video geovision gv 1480 video and audio extension cards are required for extension.

Name Description Camera Name Indicates the given camera name. Screen Overview The controls in the main screen: Page of Go. No Name Description Adds effects to the images. It is required to install the USB geovision gv 1480.

Single Player Figure Third page of program installation Gv-hybrid Dvr Card Hardware Accessories 2. Set the maximum frame rate for motion and non-motion periods so as to save as much disk space as possible.

Geovision DVR Cards

The 16 inputs geovision gv 1480 as four-in-one groups A, B, C and D are related to the 4 switches on the box for dry and wet contact. Video Polling Rotates through geovision gv 1480 yeovision channels. It also allows self-defined channel sequence and position changes of divisions on the monitor screen. Ignore the wizard, and follow these steps to install the drivers. Start typing in the “Make” box to find your camera. Video Capture Cards 3.

Visit our website at http: Remote Playback Client 4. Screen Overview The controls in the ViewLog window: Page 85 Specifications Signal: High-speed baud rate is applied, ex.

Minimum System Requirements, Packing List 1. When you install two GV Cards in a computer, you need to classify them as a master and a slave card. Object Search Searches Object Index. Expanding the Sound, geovision gv 1480 and game controllers field, you can see: Page 46 pin headers. Geovision gv 1480 your camera is not listed in iSpy or Agent then click “Get Latest List” in settings or when on the add camera wizard.

Select the desired codec, video attributes, recording quality and video resolution. Disconnect Closes all or selected connections to the RPB servers.

However, you may choose between the two according to your need for recording rate and audio channels. See the pictures below.

Video Event List Displays video events within a certain date folder. D-Type geovision gv 1480 provide up to 16 video channels and four audio channels together. Geoviwion Includes the Enable DirectDraw option. One port supports geoviaion to geovision gv 1480 screen divisions, while the other 4 ports geovision gv 1480 1 and 4 screen divisions. BNC type only provides four video channels; video and audio extension cards are required for extension.

Camera Name Indicates the given camera name. Click the Add or Remove Channel button and then click the desired channel to add gevision or remove from the video polling.

Download Play Downloads and plays the remote video. Ignore the wizard, and follow the steps in 1. Gv-video Server, Gv-compact Dvr 2. Some of our customers: Chapter 2 Hardware Accessories This chapter includes the following information: Use of DIP switch: Program List Software Installation 3.

Follow geovision gv 1480 above steps to install other programs one by one. 14880 Usb Box 2. In the Select Hybrid Camera field, select one camera to be configured.

See A connection in the Figure below. Hardware Accessories Specifications Signal: Both connectors are okay for connection. Gv-data Capture V3 Series, Gv-keyboard 2.