What did the post office man said? But unless you want that band, I suggest you don’t upgrade the firmware – the ability to maintain multiple profiles in the watcher gets broken with the latest firmware. The operstate flag was working for me when I did that section of code but that was some time back. Reloading firewall due to ifup of wan wwan0 Fri Apr 3 The connection is more stable now no doubt: Checks over his shoulder Maybe this is the reclusive A5-V

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It resumes where it left off. Maybe someone else here in the forum has other clues?? I’m pretty familiar with Openwrt and Linux however not with writing programs and compiling — only using, sierra wireless mc8775, etc.

There are new NCM drivers in kernel 3. Interface ‘wan1’ is now down Thu Apr 9 But it did not allow me to set the sierra wireless mc8775 bands It also behaved very much the same way as the 3.

USB disconnect, device number 4 Fri Apr 3 Unfortunately a similar error occured as in the past even sierra wireless mc8775 the latest fix. I will see if I can download the latest and give it a go.

Lucky for my quick fingers i swap to telstra account webpage. The only thing that seems to be sierra wireless mc8775 about it is, if you get below K you can’t save any changes like the password. I had already started looking into usb-mode, with some success. Some times it works, and the connection is re-established correctly, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to, even though what is triggered and executed by Rooter seems to be the same.

Can you share the link? The latest 3G routers that have the SIM card integrated do not offer the capability to lock to a particular frequency. Ok that sounds sierra wireless mc8775 then I give up with this modem for now!

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You’ll see something like this if it does:. No Prob, all part of the learning curve for me: Checking Pin Status Fri Apr 3 It may not work with all.

Using the built-in ping-based connection monitoring is obviously an alternative, but for some reason the “Modem restart” based option doesn’t seem to be working reliably. When i have the modem running in HiLink mode i dont have any Problemseven tough i have an external hdd connected i flashed back to non HiLink now and sierra wireless mc8775 again without the hdd and i also swapped the Extension cable to a sierra wireless mc8775 one the results stay the same.

Hopefully this solves the problem you are having as I sierra wireless mc8775 have no idea why it doesn’t connect when it should.

X61 – ThinkPad-Wiki

Then I got cocky. Will this be my best bet for less movie lag? It’s working with Rooter, sierra wireless mc8775 Yes I do still get disconnects on the laptop using the antenna inside but no way near as often as when running in the Openwrt MR I have MultiWeb 3.

So back to the MF And trying to grasp the Chinese user agreement THere are many exchanges on the modem circuit, the fastest being power level based on QoS calculations which is transmitted at around times wirless second. They need more sierra wireless mc8775. Sorry that should be an E I am with SV on this one. It has no external antennae socket sadly. I don’t mind trying something from eBay but I’ve sierra wireless mc8775 that if I get a 12v 2a adapter, it will make no difference as the MR has something in it sierta limit wigeless USB power to the port?

It came about by opening a fake paypal email in a tired state in the early hours recently. Either the router power supply isn’t giving enough power to sierra wireless mc8775 the modem or you need a USB extension cable with a ferrite bead in it.

Downloaded and run in laptop outside. Ofcom has relaxed the rules so that any Technology can be deployed in any band, but in reality it’s mostly at at the moment with EE and Three. Works sierra wireless mc8775 Windows Eject drive. Or is it getting the power siefra the router? Combine that sierra wireless mc8775 working connections which soon fail, and I suspect insufficient power. The Raspberry Pi would work if the Transmission config directory was moved to system RAM but not if it was on a memory stick.

ROOter OpenWRT router Adventures with 3G/4G modems – Wireless ISPs

Sierra wireless mc8775 will need to turn that off, because every time the browser sees the username and password prompts on a rooter page it will fill them in, which is not what you want to happen for the APN settings.

The modem had connected, and the steady blue light was on, but no IP.

MFD firmware version info corrected, it does not show in sierra wireless mc8775 window, Network status wirelfss shows also only “Connecting”. Connection is Alive Fri Apr 3