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British Imperialism in India Section 5. Feudal Powers in Japan Section 5. Tang and Song China Section 2. Humans Try to Control Nature Section 3.

North American Societies Section 2. Superpowers Face Off Section 2.

Finally, questions come in both English and Spanish. If you see something of interest, please click on it. Napoleon’s Empire Collapses Section 5. This CD contains audio Spanish summaries of every intreaction of the Student Edition making content more accessible for English-language Learners.

Human Origins in Africa Section 2. Welcome to World History.

World History – Coach M. Cisneros

Printed and distributed in the U. Seafaring Traders Section 4. MLAS aggregates and disaggregates student oittell to create prescriptions for differentiated instruction. War and Expansion in the United States Section 4.

World History Textbook Patterns Of Interaction Mcdougal Littell

The Holocaust Section 4. A photo can still misdirect the viewer, but it’s still more faithful than a painting or book. The Roman Republic Section 2. Economic Imperialism Section 4.

ClassZone Book Finder

China Limits European Contacts Section 3. A stunning visual tour through the ages with maps, graphics, photographs, and hietory art that draw students into the content; Reading Checks and Graphic Organizers help students process their understanding of the subject and master the standards.

Age Ages – Birth – 2. This will generate a small amount of revenue that I plan to use for my team.

Migration Bantu Speaking People Section 3. Democratic Reform and Activism Section 2.

Absolute Rulers of Russia Clash Section 5. The Persian Empire Section 4.

World History: Patterns of Interaction

The Russian Empire Section 3. The Byzantine Empire Section 2. MLAS provides assessments and remediation materials tied directly to state and national standards. The Online Student Edition is an interactive textbook that links the content of the Student Edition with a world of enhanced features such as activities, interactive maps, and assessments.

Europe Faces Revolutions Section 3. Marching Towards War Section 2. Democracy and Greece’s Golden Age Section 4. The Challenges of Democracy in Africa Section 3. The Fall of the Roman Empire Section 5. Diverse Societies in Africa Section 2.