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I have tried multiple times and my son has tried multiple times to no avail. Come on BSA, figure it out!!!!

The only thing I can do when clicking in that area is replace the picture or delete it. This does not speak well for the technical prowess of the BSA. Hear from the Report to worknook Nation delegates, in their own words Report to the Nation. July 28, at 5: Emit here for a flooded tilt of congruous devices.

Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook Pdf

May 14, at We downloaded the silly thing. June 6, at 6: The link works great. Then, navigate to that folder in explorer and double click the file. April 1, at 4: Thank you for suggesting right-clicking on the link and saving the link to my wofkbook. My son had the document and had been able to use it. February 22, at 7: He want to go in front of the board August 22 and our council requires the workbook be turn a month prior.

March 1, at 8: I have downloaded, filled out and saved the. Has anyone had any trouble adding a row to any of the charts in the Project Plan?

I was never able to click on the downloaded file and have it open. August 30, at 5: May 22, at 8: We need answers ASAP. May 19, at I used Chrome to download the file, as instructed. January 7, at 4: BSA needs to fix this and make it easier…I agree an opne standard is the way to go. I found 2 workaround options: The primary one, with the most bells and whistles, being Adobe? August 29, at Anyone get this thing to work?

October 11, at This is really frustrating and basic tech that should work.

Why is it so ridiculously impossible to get this workbook to open. This does not work on Mac systems.

Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook Pdf Procedures

Opening and sustaining access to the workbook should not be the most difficult part of earning Eagle. Struggled with Chrome and Firefox. Many of the problems reported in this thread are likely due to a Web browser not playing nicely with Adobe Acrobat Reader rownload not at all in the case of Chrome.